The End of Control

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Corporate Identity project – 3rd semester

How can we create a red thread for related topics?

The small exhibition represents three Chapters from the book “The End of Control” by Kevin Kelly and builds a corporate identity, a red thread around the three subjects. The chapters “Artificial Evolution”, “An Open Universe”, and “Postdarwinism” focus on the conflict between natural and artificial evolution and questioned already existing evolutional theories.

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The tables and info-boxes were created by using painted cardboards.They build the three main CI parameters, together with the plotted type and the plants.

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The first chapter “Artifical Evolution focuses on creating a specific, human-made outcome for the evolutional process by manipulating an organisms DNA. The installation shows an old, nature made ivy in the front, an new bred ivy and the used manipulated DNA. The shown DNA is actually extracted kiwi DNA.


The next installation represents the chapter “An Open Universe”. The chapter’s main subject is the way how only nature is able to create a million of possibilities in a plants outcome, while humans can only create, what they already know in some kind. Refering to this, the installation is kept quite natural and shows plants of the same species in different variations.

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The last chapter “Postdarwinism” focuses on an organism’s internal selection. While Darwin had the theory that mostly the enviroment shapes an organisms evolution, Postdarwinism states, that the genotype is most responsible for the evolution. In other words: An organism can’t evolve in a direction that’s not already set in its genotype. So, the installation is showing to completely different plants, which are combined by needles. An attempt to find a way to change the internal selection.
The chapter’s content is displayed on the boxes.

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