Digital Illustrations

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A carefully selected collection of painted and drawn digital illustrations. All the shown illustrations focus on different emotions, thought, and feelings concerning our environment and everyday life. My main intention is to let the images stand alone, and to let them tell their own story without using words.



This Head is Not My Home

head is not my home small

This space is not my own
This head you dwell in
Is not my home

My Blackened Wings


And I shall spread my blackened wings,
Even the devil was once an angel.



Open your eyes, and take a look around you.
Everything is so beautiful.



Just because I’m losing,
does it mean I’m lost?
Es heißt nur ich habe bisher nicht viel gewonn’
Es heißt auch was nicht ist kann noch immer komm’n

The Starbringer


Let me put the stars in your sky

Reflection (unfinished)


Each illustration shown here stands for itself and does not relate to other images.All fo them were created in Adobe Photoshop and with a Wacom Wireless Pen Tablet or the Wacom Cintiq.


Sketches and Works in Progress

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