Exhibition: Natural Design

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Exhibition, Installation
Exhibition project – 4th semester

What could natural design look like?

In today’s world design’s task isn’t just to make things visually appealing to the eye anymore. The drastic changes in our society and climate forces designer to consider sustainability and natural alternatives to protect our environment, too. In our group project “Everyday Nature” we dealt with natural design and created our own ideas of what nature friendly design could look like in future. Our exhibition in summer 2017 focused on making our projects interactive, giving the visitors a pleasant experience while roaming our exhibition, and to project the same fascination we developed for nature onto them.


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Our exhibition room was made to create a natural feeling with a pleasant atmosphere. The student’s projects were aligned in a contextual order, to make them more accessible for the visitors.

Find out more about our project at http://everydaynature.naturaldesign.world

Works in Progress



Jessica Guy, Julien David Hoffmann, Sophie Engerd, Emily Strowitzki, Tobias Trübenbacher, Phillipp Junk, Fabian Essigkrug, Manuel Erhard, Regina Schröter, Yasmin Ittlinger, Maria Bermúdez Elsinger, Christopher Gros, Pauline Alt, Fynn Eckstein, Katharina Elleke
Prof. Ralph Ammer

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