Bellevue di Monaco – Corporate Identity

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corporate identity, Editorial, Graphic Design
Corporate Identity project – 5th semester

How can I visualize cultural networking?

Bellevue di Monaco is a cultural central point for underaged refugees in Munich, Germany. The team doesn’t just provide living space in one of Munich’s most popular districts, but is also eager to make refugees feel at home in Germany. By organizing workshops, language classes, and even social services, they want to connect the newcomers to the local people, and give their best to enable a pleasant new life to the teenage refugees.

The design combines the modern aspect of living in an urban environment and the interaction with young refugees in Munich. Focusing on the main medias of Bellevue di Monaco (print and web), the design uses a mixture of organic and static forms to imitate the potential of networking and diffusion, which is provided by the institute, and to create clarity within culture universals.

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Bellevue di Monaco is also providing a Café that invites to linger and connect to the people living in and visiting Bellevue di Monaco. The identity is thus transferrable to all kind of coffee shop gear.

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