LoTide Font

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Editorial, experimental, Typography
Typography project – 2nd semester

How does nature inspire our sense of design?

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Our natural environment can be the best source to create design. On closer inspection one can spot design elements in every kind of natural pattern, for example letters and textures.
The main inspiration for this Typeface were water reflections in moving waters. The font reflects the water’s characteristics and it’s harmony between smoothness and wildness. Following, the name “LoTide” is a synonym for the different tides: Low tide and high tide

LoTide is a Font created in photoshop and FontLab.

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The shown Album Covers are conceptual and non profit works for the band “Moxi”. Moxi combines electronic music with very smooth vocals, which can be perfectly portrayed by the font “LoTide”. My goal was to create a album identity, that is represented by “LoTide”.

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