Livia – A stress minimizer

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Allgemein, Service Design, UX UI
Product and UX/UI project – 7th semester

How can we minimize stress in our work environment?

The Problem
Stress is on the rise in today’s working environment. Office workers are often times not aware of the external stressors, such as bad air quality and noise, that affect their mental health and productivity. If not addressed these stressors combined if everyday’s office stress can lead to burnout, sleep disorders, and increased sick leaves which are leading to high costs not only for employers bur also health insurances.


Our Solution: Livia
Livia is a desk device accompanied by an app that focuses on minimizing invisible, external stress factors in our work environment. With an alarm the device suggests possible environmental factors that could affect one’s stress levels negatively. By measuring noise, temperature, brightness, and air quality, the device is notifying the user as soon as the stats are not considered ideal anymore. Thus, Livia helps the user to improve the indoor climate and contributes to a better performance at work.


*rendered model

Mobile App
By connecting the Livia App with the Livia device, the user can adjust the alert to their environmental preferences and gets an overview of past data. Livia settings are just as individual as their users.



The animations used on the device are based on our intuitive perception, so that the user understands Livia without much research. The short animations feature heat, cold, brightness, noise, and air quality.

Other project participants:
Fabian Essigkrug
Matthias Friedrich
Aman Nasrat
Wolfgang Mayerhofer

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