Make a Babe – Differently!

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Allgemein, Illustration, Information Design, UX UI, Web

How can we ease discourse of intimate, medical information?

The Bachelor Thesis Make a babe is a web and social media project, which explains fertility treatments and in vitro fertilization to patients with no prior knowledge. Couples that suffer from infertility can face problems talking about this intimate issue with other people. They look for information online, mostly in forums, instead,  and try to find answers to their questions on their own before contacting a doctor. To ease their research, this project offers a range of infographics about IVF, and clinical pictures of infertility, which were created in cooperation with an expert of reproductive medicine and women in infertility treatment. Without disturbing patients, real risks and chances of IVF, such as the personal experiences of other patients are discussed in a warm and friendly context.


The concept

Besides the clinical aspect, Make a Babe focuses on the personal experiences of real couples in fertility treatment. The patients were polled and interviewed about their wishes and needs for informative material, such as their own experiences during treatment and their experiences with their doctors and clinics. Thus, the graphics rely heavily on language and imagery that the patients already know from forums and online groups, to create a familiar environment where it feels safe to get informed.


Formation of an embryo from fertilization to blastocyst:


Patients’ side effects while using the ovulation triggering medication Ovitrelle:




The project Make a Babe can be found on Social Media. Feel free to visit the Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter Accounts.


Besides Social Media, the project will soon be featured on it’s own website. For a first impression of the prototype and an overlook of all the created content please click here.


More Graphics



A big thank you goes to my BA mentor Prof. Ralph Ammer,
my uncle and medical professional for infertility treatment Prof. Dr. med. Thomas Strowitzki,
my father Dr. med. Martin Strowitzki,
and all the women online who helped me by participating in my poll about their treatments!

Without their support, this work would not have been possible.

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