New Coven – A Social Media Guide to modern Spirituality

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Personal Social Media project

How can we reconnect to our own spiritual selfs?

With emerging technologies, young people are more and more drawn to natural spirituality and nature’s healing powers. What sounds like witchcraft and paganism to many people is in fact a deeper understanding of the world around us.

The instagram project “New Coven” focuses on creating illustrations of natural phenomena such as moon phases, healing plants and stones, to reconnect people to their own spiritual and natural selfs and provides a witchy aesthetic. The Instagram page will be updated frequently and follows a color theme.

Disclaimer: Due to evolving illustration styles, fonts and image sizes can vary throughout the posts.

Moon Phases



Colored Candles

Instagram Posts

A small selection of informational instagram posts. Feel free to click on the profile to explore more.

Drawing Process

All illustrations are created with Procreate on an iPad Pro 2020.

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