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Trust Your Flavor

Project at Flavour Kommunikation How can we make fun of ourselves? Trust your Flavour is a special, cookie related Christmas card edition for Flavour Kommunikation and meditrust. The set of six cards connects Christmas cookies to certain  phenomena in the world of marketing and design. […]

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Bellevue di Monaco – Corporate Identity

Corporate Identity project – 5th semester How can I visualize cultural networking? Bellevue di Monaco is a cultural central point for underaged refugees in Munich, Germany. The team doesn’t just provide living space in one of Munich’s most popular districts, but is also eager to […]

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LoTide Font

Typography project – 2nd semester How does nature inspire our sense of design? Our natural environment can be the best source to create design. On closer inspection one can spot design elements in every kind of natural pattern, for example letters and textures. The main […]

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