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A Natural Approach to Water Cleanse

How can we make it easier to understand complex natural processes? Water is becoming a valuable asset worldwide. The growing lack of resources does not only concern our drinking water, but our use of energy, too. Our conventional sewage plants are using way too much […]

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Motley Shades

Are the colors I perceive really the ones I think they are? The project “Motley Shades” focuses on the different color hues on our skin and hair, which are created by our surroundings, daytime, and over all lightning. To give a better impression of the […]

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Photograms A carefully selected collection of hand made photogramms. The photogramm is a technique that combines analogue photography and illustration. The following images are one of a kind and were made to visualize two subjects: 1. Wind The photogramms represent the aesthetic and volatile nature […]

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