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Make a Babe – Differently!

How can we ease discourse of intimate, medical information? The Bachelor Thesis Make a babe is a web and social media project, which explains fertility treatments and in vitro fertilization to patients with no prior knowledge. Couples that suffer from infertility can face problems talking […]

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Trust Your Flavor

How can we make fun of ourselves? Trust your Flavour is a special, cookie related Christmas card edition for Flavour Kommunikation and meditrust. The set of six cards connects Christmas cookies to certain  phenomena in the world of marketing and design. Printed on natural high […]

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A Natural Approach to Water Cleanse

How can we make it easier to understand complex natural processes? Water is becoming a valuable asset worldwide. The growing lack of resources does not only concern our drinking water, but our use of energy, too. Our conventional sewage plants are using way too much […]

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