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Make a Babe – Differently!

How can we ease discourse of intimate, medical information? The Bachelor Thesis Make a babe is a web and social media project, which explains fertility treatments and in vitro fertilization to patients with no prior knowledge. Couples that suffer from infertility can face problems talking […]

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A Natural Approach to Water Cleanse

How can we make it easier to understand complex natural processes? Water is becoming a valuable asset worldwide. The growing lack of resources does not only concern our drinking water, but our use of energy, too. Our conventional sewage plants are using way too much […]

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The End of Control

How can we create a red thread for related topics? The small exhibition represents three Chapters from the book “The End of Control” by Kevin Kelly and builds a corporate identity, a red thread around the three subjects. The chapters “Artificial Evolution”, “An Open Universe”, […]

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